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1st January 2010

Thistle do!

Tony says I’d talk to the tree if no-one else would listen – and I find that quite hurtful.

True but hurtful all the same

The thing is that you’ve got to talk to people to get to know them/about them and its my job as a “people person” to learn more about people so I can learn more about what they want from their villas in Coral Bay and Peyia.

So, when I go to Phillipos Supermarket in Peyia village centre and chat to people in the queue there, its both pleasant and practical……….take today: I was asked by a man which rose wine was the best: (do I look like I drink? mmmmm,well it was early and my face hadn’t woken up, so yes, I do!!). Anyway, that question led to us discovering that he and his wife lived in UK, close to where we used to live and that they love Cyprus and would love to stay in a villa etc etc. Course I didn’t have any cards with me, coz you don’t when you need them, do you? But nonetheless, pleasantries were exchanged, shopping done and home I came.

Having chatted pleasantly for a while in the shop, I wanted to continue the momentum at home but Tony isn’t one for idle chat – so when we walked the dogs up the hill, I had to resort to chattering to the dogs! Alfie is very receptive to chit chat and LOVES gossip, so he stayed happily by my side as we talked our way through the walk.

When Alfie wandered off to sniff Jakes bum, I was left with no option other than to address the growing weeds at the roadside………………..

“Trees are living things” – thankfully, they don’t have ears or mouths – or I think they too would have told me to keep quiet, though probably more pleasantly than my poor long suffering husband did!

Now, who can I ring?……