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1st July 2020

This too, shall pass..

On a day of more postponed holidays , booked last year for July this year and conversations with many unhappy UK would be travellers and the owners of the villas who would host them, I’ve remembered my grandparents…

Both having taken their angel wings, many many years ago, I wonder often how they must have felt during the Second World War, when Grandad was a prisoner of war for over 4 years and Nanna, a young bride with new baby boy. With very little communication between them; no social media or media ”hype” and emotional blackmail, how would they each have felt?

How did families cope? Many having had to send their children to safety, on farms somewhere far from home. Most, in fact the majority, with little money or food and no real prospect of being able to see a future clearly… blows my mind how strong this generation were – and humbles me when I think of how much complaining and ”pity me” times people are having at the moment.

Without question, it’s a frustrating and worrying time. We’re separated from our families- some of us by 1000s of miles with no real understanding of when we’ll see them again . Business is tough for most: like all tourism businesses here, we are on our knees and fears are many BUT this time WILL pass.

I’m reframing my thoughts today because I need to: I feel sad for those who’ve invested in holiday properties here and are struggling now with the upkeep. I’m upset for those who’ve built a dream on their holiday here and it’s now postponed – and I’m worried for each of us who love this island and are scared for the future – BUT it will pass – things do.

“”All things change, you know they do – and soon the sun will shine for you!””

Life is a journey – and although the actual travels aren’t being allowed at the moment, the journey continues and for me, the dreams and hopes I’ve got in my heart now, will keep me sane , warm and hopeful till the ”new normal” begins.

It’s all going to be okay and we’ll see each other soon x

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