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1st January 2010

This flesh is not for moving…

The sun is definitely back in the heavens here. The past few days, the Eating Monster and I have had to put up with ‘visions’ of locals and tourists alike, walking past our office wearing less and less clothes….

Its not pretty and it shouldn’t be legal. We know we have a regular showoff: our ‘tummy totty’ man who is on the way to the gym. Thats okay – but his great grandad who swallowed the space hopper and it sits in front of his body, shouldn’t be allowed out!

Course, where the flesh belongs to holiday guests who are staying in our lovely villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, we have to smile politely and tell them what lovely suntans they have. I just wish they would cover up their nether regions before popping in to ask directions to somewhere or other. Its so hard looking someone in the eyes when their parts are burnt red and wiggling in front of you!

My German teacher, going back centuries ago (or so it feels), used to say, ‘There are some things up with which I will not put’…..he was teaching us grammar but little did he know this phrase now resonates with me when it comes to undressed people!

Add to that we’ve a hot day with heavy winds from a coptic storm – and the bodies are all going with the flow…..

Category: Cyprus Villas News