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1st January 2010

Thinks up with which I will not put!

Language is a funny thing, isn’t it? Tony, who is from Teesside, drops his “H”s – literally: the H key has fallen off the computer and its a devil of the job trying to get the machine to work properly. Still, a keyboard is on order…………from a Cypriot company, so we’ll get it soon – ish!

I’m a Geordie and flatten my vowels: which can be uncomfortable for posh folks whose lovely round tones make me feel very “common” and, well, flat/lacking in verbal colour.

Armani has had the verbal challenge only enthusiastic wine drinkers have…….and had been getting his words mixed up: eg on their return to the airport, he will collect their car from the park car. (Made total sense at the time!)…. Twosheds, who plays and likes golf, calls Jack Nicholas by a very funny name-twist: Jic Na**olas. (Think about it!).

A friend of ours, again fairly tiddled at the time, was telling someone in the Jail Pub that he likes Cyprus but loves England and feels very “patronizing” about the UK!…..

Happy Days in Paradise! (Or are they Dippy Hays? Maybe later – lets open the bubbly!).

Category: Cyprus Villas News