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1st January 2010

things you wish you hadn’t said….. Number 3, million at least..

My beloved husband and I were having a cuppa, watching daytime TV today, when Hubs was telling me that the normal male presenter who is on there and had been replaced today by the hunky, younger , sport reporter , was getting a lot of flak about the viewing figures falling….

“Well, its obvious why”, I retorted, continuing, ” Most of us are married to grumpy, miserable looking middle aged men: why would be want to look at one on the TV in the morning when we’ve just woken up next to one?”….

Then I realised what I’d said and it was too late……why didn’t god give us a “replay” button so we could pause the moment and roll it back, replaying it with more love and care?
Or alternatively, less grumpy and more lighthearted men in our lives? …….(Its okay, Tony never reads the blogs : he says he gets enough of my talking…..)

Category: Cyprus Villas News