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6th March 2016

Things we didn’t do on our Cyprus holiday!

Our friends, Andy and Els, have just gone home after spending a week with us in Peyia. It was great to see them and we have a whole lot of fun, simply chilling out at home or taking them to a few of our favourite places – most of which seemed to sell food and alcohol!  Seeing the Peyia area, Paphos and the harbour and the stunning scenery between Peyia and Latchi, through the eyes of visitors, is a very special thing to do. We don’t take anything for granted here: there isn’t a day when I don’t look out of the window and marvel at the site of the magnificent coastline from Paphos to Sea Caves; when I don’t thank god that we are living in this lovely, friendly village – but now and again, it’s great to ‘step out of the norm’ and look again at things that have got very familiar………..that’s what holidays are for, whether the focus is on the people or the places you love!

There were a few things we didn’t do, not for want of trying but through either comical or silly circumstances. I’ll share a couple with you to make you smile, (I hope!):

– Yialos Taverna are opening a new part of their very special restaurant. We were all invited to attend a private pre opening ceremony, as guests of Bambos and Rena, so we scrubbed up and arrived at 4pm promptly – only Bambos was busy and had forgotten he’d organised this coz his freezers hadn’t arrived. Still, nothing lost! We ate, drank and didn’t the celebration!

– SOLACE: if you haven’t watched this movie, you must! It’s excellent! Tony and I have watched it and wanted to share it with Andy and Els, so , for three evenings running, we came home early(ish), put the movie on – and the spring Coptic storms got in the way of the internet , meaning there were a few delays  in the movie which frustrated us , so we stopped the movie each day, closer and closer to the end.

On the 4th day, Els was tired so went to bed early. Andy, Tony and I took advantage of a strong internet signal and captivating climax anticipated in the movie – got wine, sat down – and the boys fell asleep 10 minutes before the end, almost simultaneously. So we didn’t watch the end of Solace either! All good fun!

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The photo below is of the entrance to a secret café in Polis. We didn’t go into here but we will soon!

photo secret cafe polis