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4th February 2015

Things I like to do on holiday!

A friend asked me today, when I was rambling on about looking forward to the end of May and having a weeks holiday, what I liked to do on holiday. Hmmm! So here’s my list:

– read as many books as I can

-drink cool wine at the end of a hot day – or during it!

– dip into a welcoming pool and swim a little – or just sit on the steps drinking cool wine and reading my book!

– gaze at the sea/the mountains/flowers/shrubs/animals , then get back into the pool

– take my watch off and not care what time it is or isn’t. Watch the sun and try to guess the time IF the time matters eg to check if the wine is cool enough!

– go barefoot, everywhere

– eat in local tavernas; dance the local dances and talk to new people about anything

– do nothing. Other than the above!

As my dear friend pointed out, this is how I live in ‘real life’ between being in the office and working with the happy holidaymakers in rental villas! She’s right. But why change whats working so well for me?

Go on, drop me an email and let me tell you which villas are available for your chosen holidays : AND please read ‘The Love Story of Queenie Hennessy” _ but only after you’ve read “The Incredible Journey of Harold Fry”. Totally wonderful – just like our villas!

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