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8th November 2018

Things going bump in the night!

There we were, Tony and I, deep in sleep in the middle of the night when suddenly, ”clatter”, then yelp then the thunder of feet on the tiles on the balcony outside our bedroom.

I was just ”coming to”, when a 65 kilo, hairy, scared beast, came flying through the bedroom door crying as he tried to climb onto the bed.

Pushing him down, I noticed he was shaking and cowering, so went to see what had happened….

Mystery solved! The very naughty, ”gigantic” (not), wooden broom, had fallen over and bumped Barney on the head before it hit the tiles, giving him a big fright!

Guard dog? Not likely!

If you’d like to sleep soundly in a bed without a Barney T Rubble insight, in a villa with clean pool and brushes locked safely away, email to me for offers on 2019, to

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