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14th September 2015

Things change and things stay the same

I was sitting yesterday , on the hillside in Peyia, watching the goats trundle up the hill, stopping to chew on the carobs which had fallen from the trees. I watched the many trees in our garden, gently swaying in the hot breezes then took in the magnificence of the natural beauty of the mountainside itself. This really is a lovely village in which to live.

At either side of our house, we’ve got carob trees, which are protected here and which we cannot cut down – not that we’d want to. Just up from us, there are rows of olive trees, who’d have many stories to tell. Its great to watch the olives being harvested and also to hear about how important these trees are to the island too: from using the fumes of the leaves, which have previously been blessed in church, to ward off ‘evil eye’, to plaiting olive leaves to make wedding wreaths….. its so very interesting.

Olive trees and carob trees were ‘friends’ and grown close to each other – and as the olive trees have a history which can be tracked back to the 6th Millenium BC, these two have been pals for a very long time!

Olive oil is used today in the whole of the Christian world, in the sacraments of the Church eg baptism – and burns in churches and on graves.

While our garden – and those of many expats – ‘smile’ with the mix of colours and newer shrubs and trees which have propagated over the years, there is something naturally beautiful about the carob and olive trees. Maybe its the secrets they hold or the history they’ve seen but they help make Cyprus feel ‘substantial’ and ‘real’ – and long may that continue.

In honour of the olive trees, one of the beautiful apartment complexes near our office, asked us to plant olive trees around its border: the photo shows the new growth. Its an interesting thought to consider what these saplings will see as the years ahead roll by.

New is great but old is better! A bit like Cyprus really: choose a place which is tried and tested for holidays, not one which is just springing up without its foundations. Choose a villa with a pool and come and share the olives !

The photo below shows the new olive trees as they start their own chapter , neatly and in formation. Lets see how the sunshine and environment adapt to them as the years go on … olive trees