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11th December 2016

Things you can do with a crutch!

So I am on day 6 post op, stitched, pinned, looking like barney does when he has been in the bushes chasing cats but I am a little chuffed with my less able self today coz I have learned to be versatile and to put my crutch to good use!

No steady there, we are most definitely talking the long heavy metal crutch the doc makes me use if and when I can stand up! Though tony and I once went to bangkok and saw a ‘lady’ put her (must have been metal!) Crotch to unusual and not too palatable, use!

I digress. Being able to lie flat or stand for only minutes at a time is so frustrating. Add to that tony is out at work all day so I have to do for myself and there is a challenge! However my crutch is fab! So far ive opened curtains with it, moved the mop and bucket, retrieved clean pjs off the floor, switched off the lights which were left on and bonked barney on the nose for nibbling molly! My limitations are imaginary!

Luckily susie floozy and the great raymondodoulou are here soon so I will have near humans to talk to coz my crutch isnt too responsive (!) Lol!!

Onwards and upwards! Susie f has promised me she will wash my hair and I can barely contain my joy! In return she gets a large g n t and medal for being such a true friend. Honestly dont know how less physically abled folk cope but , god love ’em, they deserve every crutch, machine, system and good friend, that they can find.

This will pass for me but I might hang on to my crutch!

Am well enough to book lovely holiday villas and apartments for you all, for 2017! Get the enquiries coming in! Email to

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