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1st January 2010

They walk amongst us…..

So its true. A councillor in the UK, has hit the headlines today telling of an affair with his alien mistress and explaining that its okay because his mother is a 9ft green being with many fingers…………..

Well, I’m not sure that I’m surprised to hear that aliens are actually here: as a person with a mother in law and working in the tourism industry, its easy to see how these welcome beings could be part of us. I’ve believed for a long time that the ‘generous flesh’ hosted on my upper arms and many bottoms, is not mine but a ‘container’ for alien baby pods……..but perhaps thats just an excuse for too much chocolate…..

Still, today, with the admission of a man who is employed to work on as a councillor and who is adamant he is part alien, I can only sit back and consider this…… many of us have long felt that most people in power are not ‘of this planet’ from time to time and perhaps this is the truth at last

We’ve got to checkin some new holiday arrival guests tonight to villas in Coral bay and Peyia, so I’ll ask them where they are REALLY from and what their parents originally looked like……..

………and you wonder why we drink?

Category: Cyprus Villas News