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1st January 2010

There’s nowt as funny as folk…….

What a week! I cannot decide if its me or the rest of the world who are strange – so I’ll take total responsibility myself today!

Saturday morning dawns and I’m eternally grateful for a completely crazy animal family who keep me sane. Jake is now in our bed “chilling out” and devouring my magazine – quite literally! Alfie is here by my side, where he always is, bless him , Tiff is on the wall outside checking out our new neighbours and Molly and Charlie are cuddled up together on the settee. These animals are totally bonkers but they make the rest of the world seem sane!

Yesterday was awful: the “committee” decided that the lovely young family had “too many children” (?) and had to leave their beloved complex! Had they spoken to the family to try to sort out any differences? Of course not! Much easier to “go to committee” and bully them. I honestly cannot think of anything sensible to say at this point, as I’m so annoyed with these small minded people. No wonder wars happen!

The family who we had to rescue from the bottom of the muddy hill, asked us to go back to their villa and get the belongings they’d left – which we’d do, IF we could get there – but there is still no road and no means of access – which is why they were moved………

We’ve housed a lot more people in longterm rentals, including the wonderful Jane and Tony Love. Lets hope they have better luck with their neighbours than the family I mentioned earlier in the blog! Actually the Loves have struck gold because they have Sue and Ray as neighbours and I cannot think of anyone I’d like to live next door more than these too mad people, despite Rays jokes and Sues gorgeous suntan (of which I’m totally jealous!).

Yvonne and Garry are “on” this weekend so Tony and I have the weekend off: bliss! Well, it would be if I didn’t have a head full of concern about the family we are having to relocate and how they must be feeling today , being surrounded by the aforementioned neighbours for a few more weeks till we move them!

Think I’ll have to adjourn to the thinking step and chill out a bit – or move Jake off our bed and get back in there , pulling the cover over my head and forgetting the world for a while!

I know the world is full of some lovely people: many of them rent villas in Coral Bay and Peyia from us: I just wish that people would realise that buying property here is the same as buying in the UK: being the owner of a foreign property doesn’t give you the right to start bullying people – and people living in the sun still DO have feelings so should be treated with a bit of respect……

When I’m Mayor of this village, I’m going to pass some new laws and ban ex pats with attitude – maybe I’ll work on those laws today. Yep, that will keep my brain busy! Suggestions for new bylaws, welcome!

Category: Cyprus Villas News