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1st January 2010

There’s a place for us!…..

Well, its official! We’ve found the right premises and are beginning to “do” the necessary to prepare our offices, complete with showroom (and , well I would like), coffee area!.

I’m so excited! We see most of our guests in the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, very regularly – normally they call to our home for a cuppa and catch up! This way, they’ll be able to call in anytime AND be free from the “Jake Gang”!.

The last few days have been quite funny: three couples, each of whom have bought a new villa and are over to furnish it, have independently called on us for various things. All know Alfie, Molly, Charlie and Tiff – but none had had the Jake experience!

The first sight of him is quite scary coz he is HUGE! As you pull up to park your car down by our pool, Jake is normally hanging over the balustrades watching you. As he is over 5 foot 5 inches now, you can imagine how tall he looks from a patio, 40 feet high – it does make you think twice about coming up the stairs.

If you are brave enough to venture in, you have to cuddle/play/chase and fuss him (and the team) before you are allowed a coffee: which, if Jake is in the mood, he likes to share!

So, as dogs aren’t everyones cuppa, its best we move to somewhere dog free and allow people to only have Tony to be scared of! (only joking hubs!).

Watch this space!

Category: Cyprus Villas News