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1st January 2010

There she was – gone!

I’ve checked in the mirror this morning and, while I wasn’t too pleased with what I saw, I’m definitely still here! Unless I’m an alternative vampire, of course – one whose reflection you CAN see but who is still dangerous, none the less?!

Its all very worrying: yesterday, for the umpteenth time here in the quaint and lovely village of Peyia, Cyprus, I was going about my business happily smiling and acknowledging the locals (Cypriot and non Cypriot)- and NO-ONE spoke to me or even “clicked me” as being on their radar!……..

Into the Kafenes I went to get a stamp – and nobody looked up. I left the letter, money and a few morning greetings and walked out unnoticed. Up to the kiosk I went to buy milk: “Kalimera Sas”, I cheered to the (Russian) lady who runs the kiosk – but her head was in her books and she didn’t even take the exact money from my proffered hand!

To the bookshop to check on a book I ordered – and again, total and utter blank faces : and I even tried a joke in here!

So, to home and the sweet welcome of a loved one who misses you when you aren’t around but NO! Tony didnt even look up from his computer – and the dogs were too busy fighting over chews to even sniff my butt! Then the phone rang; I answered and got only, “I need to speak to Tony”……. not “How are you?” “Is Tony there?”……nothing.

I hadn’t done anything naughty;illegal or indecent (well, not in the past few days leading to yesterday), so if I’ve been “sent to Coventry”, its a delayed reaction! When I accidentally ran the Mayor over, it was over a year ago and he’s forgotten it by now: actually, poor man isn’t too well and forgot it immediately but as he was only “nudged gently” (officer!), by my car, there wasn’t even anything TO remember!

So, I’ve slept on it and decided I’m obviously invisible and have left this mortal planet to live the life of an ethereal being: must be hanging around just to look after those near and dear. Oh, think of the fun I can have unseen and the weight I’ll loose! (Do ethereal beings eat? Must check that!).

Difficulty is, I’ve a few guests to welcome to villas in Coral Bay today – maybe holiday makers can see me and locals/family cannot? Will soon find out!

Category: Cyprus Villas News