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14th April 2017

There it was- scone……

Good Friday and a day full of activity in the village of Peyia , as the younger men in the village get together to gather the wood for the symbolic bonfire, held next to the Church in Peyia and the ladies , shop for the meat which their men will want in abundance, asap Lent ends….. Easter bread is being baked and the pastry specialities are being prepared……..the village smells gorgeous!

For me, I woke up with a head full of memories, sparked by photos of Tracy the lovely owner of Villa Almar, who had posted pictures of making Easter bonnets with her grandchildren – and it got me thinking about and dreaming of ,my Nanna…

When my sisters and I were young, growing up in Hebburn, Easter was a big occasion and my Nanna was BIG on occasion. She’d spend days helping us make crepe paper bonnets and decorate boiled eggs. We’d ”parade” down her street and think we were the bees knees- Nanna included. Returning home, we’ve be comforted as the day ended , with rock buns, homemade scones and a cup of tea. We each had our own china tea cup, which helped the flavor be magic!

Today, I realise how quickly time goes by: I woke up with the urge to bake scones and rock buns, so did. Not for me, the prowess of my Nanna but the smells from the kitchen, took me right back to childhood and feeling safe and loved.

Tony however , tried the baking and it took him straight off ”on one” about what I should have done and why etc……. but strangely, he’s managed to eat quite of few of the scones so far!

However you are spending Easter, I hope it’s a happy and peaceful one for you, offering some shelter from ”real life”’and the uncertainty of the crazy world in which we live. Try baking! It worked for me, calming me down and helping put the flavor back into me day. Life really is to short to worry – hence the bad joke in the title, taken from “”What’s the fastest cake in the world? Scone…..””

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