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2nd December 2018

There is always one!

Tony is out this morning, doing ”boy stuff” his great friend, Wayne, so I’m having a very quiet, ”girl” time which is relaxing but includes baking/preparing Sunday lunch/wintering down all of the outside furniture and washing! Not that I mind any of this – except when Tony returns and asks me if I’m feeling rested LOL!

Barney T Rubble is here with me. He is snoring gently, occasionally lifting his head to see if I’ve got my walking shoes on. He’s cute as a button and can sense me sneaking off to grab these shoes, no matter how quiet I try to be!

I’ve left the walk a little later this morning, to give the Hilltop Gang of feral cats, time to forage then, hopefully, go off somewhere warm to sleep so I can walk Barney without fear of having my arm pulled out of the socket as the chases one of them.

It was all going well: I’d made a coffee; sat on the thinking step and was enjoying the moment when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted one of the new cats on the hill, climbing down our pergola into the garden – just metres from Barney.

Luckily, Barney’s tummy sometimes overrules his need to chase, so I quickly grabbed a biscuit and summoned him indoors- just as the intruder began to ”ask” me very loudly for food!

Am so torn: I want to help this cat but if I do, it will bring its gang – and if the cat or any of his playmates come into the garden, there will be an almighty clash!

So, doors and windows are locked. Barney is here with me and our ”singer” seems to be giving up and heading next door. We were a cat’s whisker away from a different ending!

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