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1st January 2010

There for the grace of god……….

This morning has been an emotional rollercoaster. Little Molly Mou, our beautiful doggie angel, who has the biggest attitude, hidden in the tiniest body, got attacked and badly bitten by a large dog. She was badly hurt and in great shock.

Used to getting own way and bossing her brothers around, she didn’t think she’d come off second best- and we nearly lost her in the process.

Our Vet, Nickolas, whose offices are next door to our office in Peyia, came straight away and warned us gently that Molly was hurt and he was concerned about the deep shock she was in – to say nothing of a damaged lung. The past 3 hours have been the longest ever: we’ve waited for the call which has just come in – and, thank you god, she is going to be okay.

Poor little thing has to stay “in doc” for a few days but she is alive and, if we know her well, giving it rip to anyone around her. I sincerely hope she is. I’ve taught her to Irish Dance and sing and play: I’m just praying now this beautifully spirited little animal with the heart of a lion, feels the love and strength we’re sending to her now.

She’s a fighter – but a very precious one. Will have to teach her to act more like a lady – who sings and dances, of course!

For Molly xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News