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12th October 2012

There a moose, loose around our hoose!

Well, not exactly a moose but certainly a very creative and cheeky little mouse whose ‘home’ I found yesterday: my pine drawers in the kitchen – where it has chewed our old photos, eaten part of my Christmas table cloth and left us a little piece of the back of the drawers, which it has chewed into the shape of a rabbit……..

Charlie cat just watched me cleaning the drawers out and shouting about the mouse but was totally disinterested in doing anything to help me find the mouse. Maybe I’ll leave this to Molly to do: she’s quicker, more cunning and more helpful than charlie – but then, she isn’t a cat and doesn’t believe she rules the world, which Charlie obviously does!

We are calling the mouse, ‘Frieda’ after a dear friends naughty sister who loved mice…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News