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1st January 2010

The year so far……

Susie F made me laugh a few days ago. Tony, The Great Raymondodolou, Susie F and I were talking about life and other simple things. We were reflecting on what seems to have been a tremendous amount of hassles for Tony and I, coming all at once and including:

– my Mum being very ill

– Molly being very ill

– Jake potentially having to be rehomed

– ash clouds causing havoc with the business

– jealous locals trying to cause havoc with the business

– my back “giving up” and Susie F having to help me stand up

– my tooth falling out resulting in tons of painful dental work………etc etc etc – all in a 3 weeks period……..

and Susie asks, “Yes, but how is the year for you so far?……”

We all laughed – but then I’ve been thinking about it and the year so far has been MARVELLOUS! We’re pulling through everything, we’re together and we’ve got great family, friends, animals, customers and holiday guests……what more could we possibly ask? (though I’d like to be a size 10 rather than being traditionally built – and I’m sure Tony would prefer that too!)

Bring it on, I say! x

Category: Cyprus Villas News