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1st January 2010

The Wrinklies – an update

Those of you readers who know and love our family and their day to day life, may like to know that Jamesy, my Mums strong and dignified husband, who aged 86 is having a very tough time, isn’t very well at all today
In the spirit of “thoughts being living things”, both Mum and Jamesy need love and thoughts: suffering from dementia for a few years now, Jamesy has been painlessly losing his grip on the world as we know it whilst my mum cares for him constantly. The last few days, his physical condition has worsened and Mum is having a tough time trying to do the right thing whilst Jim doesn’t really understand the problem….
An incredible man, on many levels, he deserves the dignity and peace often stolen from people suffering his condition. I pray today for him and my mum – that whatever has to happen for them both to cope, happens gently and with grace, so that they both find peace and no suffering.
Life is so short and people so precious…..

Category: Cyprus Villas News