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12th October 2011

The Wrinklies – a festive update

My Mum is still caring for Jamesy at home. Sadly, his dementia is getting worse but he remains the same polite and gentle man he always was – though he doesn’t remember this.

Jim loved our dogs. When I tell Mum about Alfie dog, I can just picture the conversation in their home;
mum: “Oh, James. Poor Alfie has been diagnosed with dementia and has to go onto special tablets”
James: “thats terrible darling”
Mum: “Yes, lyndiloo rang this morning to let me know. Its very sad”
James: “yes, it must be. Now tell me darling: who is Alfie and did I go sailing with him? Now, what were we talking about – oh yes, my dinner this evening…………..”

You have to smile, don’t you? My poor Mum. I just hope Jamesys dementia doesn’t make him do what Alfies does!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News