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1st January 2010

the would be spy who loves me?….

Oh dear !

I was talking to Tony today about how we can continue to make sure the holidaymakers who stay in our villas in Coral Bay and Peyia are really happy…….and he shared his ideas with me……

Turns out he’s found a website which markets and sells, “Spyware”! Stuff which is either eg bugged, beams locations or videos people, without them knowing it ! From tampered with air fresheners which work by mobile phone signal to clocks whose “ticks” are really “clicks of the camera”, this site has it all…………

I tried to explain that I had in mind a more straightforward approach eg more goodies in the welcome pack/offers on local trips out or more satellite channels………………seems this is where men and women think a bit differently!

Think I’ll discuss this tomorrow with Yvonne in the office, after we’ve checked for bugs and ensured the batteries in our clock are not photographing our every move!

Tony “James Bond” is currently reading some info he has found on this site which converts sat nav into something intergalactic! Luckily, Molly and Alfie are snoring in the same room as my would be spy and Jake is passing wind on the adjoining balcony, so things seem fairly normal – unless Jake has been fitted with some sort of chemical warfare device which isn’t the one we are used to.?

Oh dear, best I put my lippie on and prepare for the worst! ………………….

Category: Cyprus Villas News