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1st January 2010

The world has gone to (Tea) Pot!

So the computer of the bank in one part of Peyia village doesnt like the computer in the bank at the other: according to the officials here today, “maybe they are cousins in a family and the fathers didn’t explain anything…..”. Yes, doing business here is GREAT fun but totally frustrating!

And a convict escaped from our local police station , which is 10 metres from our shop and he ran into our shop then out again and sat on the roof waiting for the police to hand cuff him and “lead him on”. What did he do? Who knows but it was all very entertaining!

Our aircon in the office doesn’t blow hot air. But, protested Yvonne and I, we are cold! Yes, reasoned my gorgeous husband , but one day you may not be and may need heat so I’ve got to set it today…………

Worse, I dropped my precious spotty T pot and broke the lid so am now heartbroken as well as confused (convict), frustrated (computer) and cold (aircon)!! Not good for a Monday……….

Except, thanks to Emma Bridgewater in UK, a new, shiny spotty T Pot is winging its way to me (well, in Margarets case) and I’m SOOOOOOOOOO happy. You see, on days like this, the only thing in this crazy but totally wonderful village, is to have a cup of tea from our happy, spotty T pot and just get things in perspective –

But its not the same now the lid is missing. Not only does the tea get cold but it somehow seems vulnerable – and I need totally strong, wilful cuppas….

Need a lie down!

Category: Cyprus Villas News