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6th March 2018

the word on the wind..

There was the most wonderful storm last night: from nowhere came very heavy, warm and swirling winds which seemed to snuggle around the house for hours.

We could hear outside furniture being blown around, strange noises as the gusts blew through various areas of the garden – and created night music to keep us all awake.

There was something quite magical about the storm. I went to sit on the balcony to be enveloped by the warm gusts and started imagining the ”spirit of the winds” , as the rushed across Peyia and Coral Bay, believing they were ”blowing away” old stories and ”spreading the new” as they travelled.

I could ”hear” words tumbling around me and felt that , if I put my hands out, I grab some musings from far away lands and learn more of the was that time of night!

Maybe they were winds of change, or travelers from another world, checking us all out to learn about us…..whatever, it was a mystical night (and I  hadn’t had wine!).

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