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1st January 2010

The wind of change……..

We met our new neighbours on the hill in Peyia yesterday. They seem lovely – and are animal lovers too, which is a blessing. The lady was explaining to Tony that they have a cat and that their cat has “met” Charlie a few times, mainly in their kitchen stealing their own cats food!

What Tony omitted to tell me, was that the food in question was fillet steak and that Tony, adept at getting in through the windows of villas he shouldn’t!, was going to try his luck stealing food too, next time steak was on the menu!

Thankfully, the lady laughed off her visitors but if last nights “singing” from her kitchen was anything to go by, her good humour won’t last long! And we cannot blame Charlie or Tiff: they are on curfew!

Speaking of visitors, you may remember the lovely stray hunting dog puppy, who we named Sandy and who had to go to the Paws Sanctuary near Paphos Airport coz we couldn’t stretch to 4 dogs………….well, our completely wonderful and nutty friend Sue, who dedicates 3 days a week to the dogs at the sanctuary, told me yesterday that Sandy and has been renamed, Mistral.

Beautiful name and perfect for him: The Mistral is a warm, fresh wind which blows across France and is, I’m told, perfect for sailing “proper yachts” ie without engine. As anyone who loves the sea may know, the Mistral is a recognised and welcomed weather element.

For me, the name is great and, apologising in advance for the misquote, I wish our lovely Mistral, “Gods speed to a good home and blessings on all who live in it”………….

Thinking of Mistral, perhaps I should rename Tony that……………………………

Category: Cyprus Villas News