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20th March 2018

The ”’Wife” Frequency!

So it’s official!

Tony REALLY cannot hear me when I speak. According to the Doc he’s seen today, after suffering 8 months of ear problems/infections and dizziness, it seems he had limited hearing ability on a certain frequency which , guess what, is the frequency my voice resonates at!

It didn’t need a qualified Doc to tell him that he wasn’t listening to me – I could have diagnosed that easily over the 34 years we’ve together! However, it’s great to know that it’s the level at which I speak he cannot hear – so there’s only one thing for it! I have to SHOUT!!

Deep Joy! Cannot think of anything more therapeutic that shouting as loud as I can to make him hear me – but whether he listens or not, is a whole other thing…

Now I need the ”brain Doc”, to see why Tony cannot understand what I shout at him….there MUST be a reason other than being ignored, surely? LOL!

Anyway, we’ve loads of offers on villas to shout about but I’ll whisper the prices to you so friends aren’t too jealous! Email to me (quietly), for information on villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations:

Oh and Easter has come to Peyia (see below) – and that’s something else to shout about!