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1st January 2010

The Welsh are coming, the Welsh are coming!!

Over the years here, we’ve met some great people: people we wouldn’t have had the chance to meet at all, had it not been for the work we do. (Yes, it is work, dear reader, despite the casual , laid back look we have!!)……

We’ve just heard that this summmer, two such people and there incredibly patient and lovely children, are returning to Cyprus to stay in one of our villas in Peyia.

We met Adrian and Michele, from Wales, last year when we checked them into a stone villa. Unknown to me, I was one day away from collapsing with the worst flu ever- but the fact I looked like I’d been through a mangle should have been a giveaway – and Tony was frazzled coz we’d had a very busy day……..

So, upon meetingo one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and her handsome husband, both of whom looked like they’d stepped off catwalks, not airplanes, my confidence plummeted even lower and I couldn’t get the checkin over quick enough!

Turned out this wonderful couple are total lunatics; lovely, funny, completely and utterly crazy- and just what the doctor ordered! We spent a great night at our home, getting too piddled and suffering for days afterwards (me – Michele still looked wonderful) – and now they are coming back.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing them again but I’ll have to go and write to my liver……….something like: “Dear liver, I’m sorry. Very. But they are from Wales and its great fun!”…………..

Have a good one!

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