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7th June 2013

The week that was………………

What an interesting week we’ve had: we’ve met some potential new Chinese customers who have invested in a lovely holiday villa in Coral Bay. Very interesting talking to them through their interpreter: they feel like they’ve ‘struck gold’ as they believe Cyprus and Coral Bay are the most beautiful places they’ve seen. Bless them!

I’ve been doing viewings with a Bulgarian couple who are looking for a home. They’ve viewed a couple of apartments with us, which they love and are deciding today which to take – so they are happy.

The weekend is filled with departures and arrivals. Lyn and Paul, our newly wed friends (married Sept 12 on Wavedancer), are here only till Sunday but we managed to catch up with them last night and enjoy dinner at Gustoso and a good old gossip. Lucky people are arriving to Karens Sunshine Villa, Garlands, Chadis and Aarabella too, so its all go

Twosheds and Armani were surveyed: structurally they are both fine though there is a concern about Twosheds ‘wiring’ (could have saved them the money on that one!).
Bill and Jane Simpson celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss – which is totally wonderful and we send them all of our love xxxxxx

Susie F and Great Raymondodoulou, The Grandad, needed their brakes attending to, allegedly , so ‘couldn’t leave the house for the day’……yeah! Any excuse for those two……..

So its been all go.
Oh, I got adopted by a grasshopper who lived in our home, on my desk for two days, sharing turkey sandwich and gossip/emails – then Charlie ate him, so am not too happy about that (a feeling I’m sure I share with the grasshopper!).

………..and there you have it – almost. Some things have to be kept secret, don’t they?

Happy Saturday and tons of love wherever the sun is shining on you x

Category: Cyprus Villas News