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10th July 2014

The wedding guests yesterday

I was just driving home from the office late afternoon yesterday when I stumbled upon three lovely, mature ladies, dressed to the nines, wobbling their way towards the white wedding bus which was waiting down the road for them. It was so very hot – and their (obviously new) heels , were so high, I decided to take pity on them and give them a lift to the bus.

As I’m an inherent poser and drive a soft top car, they were thrilled to ‘pose’ with me and waved in queen like fashion to anyone we passed! I did get a little worried that a feather or two would go astray in the breeze but all was well and they arrived at the door of the bus, in style.

I did laugh to myself though, at the ‘fornicators’ they were wearing on their heads: not that they really WERE fornicators, of course, its just that this is the name Carols friend gave to Carols ‘fascinator’ she was choosing for a wedding – and its stuck!

Ladies , if you are reading this, it was my pleasure to be your chauffeur for the moment and you all looked amazing, fornicators or not! Hope the wedding went well. Please email to me on to tell me all about it- or to book YOUR wedding villa and lift to the reception!