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31st July 2020

The Waiting Game?

So Tony had to go to meet a customer in Latchi but the engineer was running late and he needed to be shown where he had to go , to do a sand change.

I was ”volunteered” to wait in the office for the engineer then to drive with him to the villa where he had to work.


Except he was VERY late and I waited almost 1.5 very much needed hours until he arrived.

Now our engineer is very good man. He is Syrian but speaks great English . Problem here is that, even if you speak English , if you are looking for an address, speaking English doesn’t help because people use landmarks like, ”three turns from the water tank”, or, ”close to the grey donkey in the field” or worse, ”near my Granny’s house”…… so it was important to show Ahmed where the customer lived….

As we pulled up in separate cars, outside of the customer’s house, Ahmed got out of his car, laughing and proceeded to walk to the house next door, not the customers house. “No , not that one” , I said. “I know “, he replied, ”This is my house and I want you to meet my children”………………..”Don’t worry”, he continued, ”’the neighbour is my friend and I will go there in a minute”………….

I rang Tony immediately I could get some privacy and ”had a quiet word with him”…………


I love showing people where villas are! Book one for 2021 and I’ll be delighted to take you to your chosen villa! Email to