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18th May 2014

The visitors book

Chris and Carrie Blythe, the owners of the beautiful apartment Isis in Peyia, have just flown home to the UK after spending time in their gorgeous holiday apartment here. They are two of the nicest people: warm, lovely and very attractive too (gotta say that coz someone once thought that I was Carries mother in law – which would be exceptionally flattering if we weren’t the same age!. Sadly this has stuck and Chris, a towering 6 ft 7ins (at least) tall, calls me ‘mother in law’ at every given opportunity!)

Anyway, they called into the office to see us and asked me if I’d read their visitors book recently. They had gone through it and were thrilled to read what people think of Isis – and delighted to read in every comment, how hard my team and I work and how much we’d helped their holiday guests. They thanked me and hugged me – which was wonderful but helping holiday villa and apartment guests, is our job. And we LOVE the work!

That said, its great to be appreciated: Mark, our accounts manager, and I were talking last week about ‘good old fashioned values’ and noting sadly that people don’t show much politeness or appreciation to each other anyone. We are both ‘old school’ and were agreeing  how sad it is that people don’t respect each other. I was telling Mark that in Newcastle Airport, there were signs asking people to be polite to the staff or rather not to abuse them! I couldn’t believe it – though the porter who helped my Mum with her wheelchair, told us they do get abuse regularly. Terrible!

I remember years ago, Kathryn, who owns the beautiful villa Carob Tree House in Peyia, telling me that we will always ‘Come with the ticket”. She was an ex air stewardess and had witnessed much abuse. I laughed then, thinking it couldn’t get that bad – but it has and it does. Sometimes , people are simply rude and very aggressive but I know the good ones are still in the majority so continue to operate ‘good old fashioned care and respectful values’, even in the face of ignorance .

Thank you to everyone who notes how hard we work and who appreciates this enough to let the owners we work for, know this too. Its wonderful to work hard for all – and if you’d like to come to Cyprus and get the chance to comment in a visitors book, email to me on and we’ll book a villa or apartment for you!