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1st January 2010

The value of words

I’ve worked in commercial radio in the UK for over 20 years now – and still do, even from Cyprus, though nowhere near as much as I’d like to be doing! One of the many, many wonderful lessons I’ve learned (and keep learning), is the value of words and phrases.

One of the great creative production experts, Bob Kiernan, would insist, “Its not what you say, its what you say x HOW you say it.” How right he is!

Fears, insecurities, worries……..all emotions get in the way of the spoken word. eg Villa holidaymakers arrive and ask, often very abruptly, “What time do the supermarkets close?”. They mean, “I’m tired; stressed from travelling and need a cuppa/glass of wine and a buttie”, though their aggressive question often comes out as, “Its your fault we’re late/stressed/tired and hungry”.

I’ve learned to not take words too personally but to think about them – but I’m at a funny age and can over reactive to things I’d previously have laughed off: and that worries me!

Living here has calmed me down a lot: if I’m this prickly living in paradise, what would I have been like at this delicate time of life, still deep in the rat race? Its a very scary thought!

We’re both trying to learn Greek and can speak a little: this brings its own new words and meanings: a cypriot will phrase things very differently from us eg I live in the “house of my husbands fathers eldest son” (well, according to the local men: in reality, for those of us into “girl power”, I live in MY house and it just happens to also be Tonys!

I’ve been asked today by someone I adore, “Why are you burning incest before your guests arrive?”……..

Again, its all in the use of words!

have a fragrant Friday!

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