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19th July 2017

The Universe

I’m reading an excellent book called, The Universe Has Your Back.

In essence, it’s a very positive book about learning to see the daily miracles which happen around us and noting the synchronicity in these things ie how right they are for where you are in the moment.

So, I’m mopping the kitchen floor on Monday evening and slip a little, observing my lower left leg going out at right angles to my upper left leg and listening to the ”crack” as it happened. All very ”beautiful” in it’s gentle movement BUT all very, incredibly painful too!

Yesterday, I spent the morning at the Evangelismos Hospital, where the most wonderful Dr. Petrides ensured I was xrayed, had an MRI and diagnosed/treated, within a few hours. The prognosis isn’t good : there are two fractures, some bone bruising and damage and signs of arthritis BUT the ”journey” through the process was undertaken with such kindness and compassion that, if it’s possible to feel better about being laid up for 6 weeks at the busiest time of year, I do.

You see, the things I”ve learnt recently, through surgery on my spine in December, (the 4th lot ) and now through this frustration of pain and immobility, are that:

  • I’m not my bones or my immobility: I’m my Grandfathers granddaughter and can overcome anything with patience and adjustment
  • That there are more good, kind and open hearted people around than the opposite. So many people came to help yesterday, I was very touched
  • This will pass: like all pain, it’s temporary and there will be lessons in it
  • That the Universe must have a plan for us, which we may not be able to understand but maybe we just need to look closer and see the beauty in the changes…..

Am I really this positive today? Not quite but I’m getting there. There are far worse things than being stuck in our home with the furry gang – and, with an excellent team in the office, I can crack the whip (!) from here and maybe find more time to write.

Whatever the Universe has in store for you today, I hope it includes thinking about a holiday in Cyprus! We’d love to welcome you! For villas with pools and apartments in great locations, email to

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