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1st January 2010

The Two of Us – Home Alone

Jake and I are home alone this morning. Alfie and Molly have gone for a much needed haircut; Tony is at work and Charlie is at play on the hill, so Big Pup and I are chatting over toast and coffee.

I’m delighted about the situation but Jake isn’t too fussed: he’s crying, trying to get out and ignoring my platitudes. Even his favourite “cuddle song” isn’t making any ground with him. I’ve tried coaxing, playing, giving him my very favourite teddy bear to chew but no, he wants his doggy brother and sister and even the cat, to come home.

At 11 stones, he should be big, tough and in charge – but he’s a baby in a monster suit: he’s still very insecure, totally terrified of his shadow and in need of constant reassurance that all is well…..

Course, when Alfie and Molly get back, its Jakes turn for a pamper: luckily, this is the anomoly- he LOVES being pampered so is very happy to be alone there. He’ll tell the girls how badly treated he is and give them the sob story, so they’ll make a huge fuss of him and he’ll come home smug and handsome, barely giving any of us a backward glance as he struts through to the kitchen to see what delights await him

Its a dogs life , for sure!

Category: Cyprus Villas News