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21st September 2014

The true tale of the little rabbit

Okay, I can feel the pressure to tell you about this and ‘fess  up’ or I’m not going to hear the end of it! So here goes:

Once upon a time, probably a couple of days ago and maybe involving Tony, The Spences and I, some (very attractive) people went on a mini break in a place which shall be known as Chania , Crete.

In this magical place, animals live freely and happily: horses pull romantic white carriages; mummy cats and their kittens chose a street where they play/eat and sleep contentedly, fed by locals and tourists alike and stray dogs rule the area, wandering purposefully from lane to lane, stopping to eat/wag their tails happily at the tourists and gather together with friends for a bit of ‘bum sniffing’ each evening before choosing a comfy spot to have a much needed rest.

Our cheerful travellers, who shall remain nameless except for the reference above, enjoyed this ‘living kingdom’ and were heartened by the fact that the animals were free and part of the fabric of this pretty place. Returning home to their own beds each evening, the foursome** enjoyed watching the cats, kittens and dogs, play contentedly. (** Editors note: of course the foursome, while close, were not THAT close and returned to their separate ‘coupledom’ (?) each evening)…

Anyway, I digress. Returning one evening,  to the lane in which their hotel was set, with their tummies filled with Mohitos, wellington boots of beer and food, one of our intrepid tiddly travellers, who may or may not have been me, spotted a tiny white rabbit, with large ears,cowering behind a broken piece of fencing and obviously trapped. Pointing this creature out to the other tiddly female in the piddled party, our author hurried to ‘rescue’ it from the confines of the fencing and allow it to roam free

Only it was a small white carrier bag filled with rubbish, whose ‘ears’ where those of tight tied handles, keeping the contents safe from the kittens and whose ‘plight’ was not that of the trapped but one of the ‘kept safe’ from littering the attractive lane…

and it shall be called ‘The Lidl Rabbit’ !

The End. Till the next Mohito Moments!