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19th May 2017

The Tooth Fairy

Oh deary deary me! Charlie, aged 8, lost one of his teeth a few days ago – and was really disappointed that the tooth fairy didn’t come! He went to school very upset and his mum , Emma in our office, was telling us that she’d have to find a way to put this right.

Which she did, thanks to Mark, our strategically thinking accountant who suggested that, as Emma and family had only just moved from their parents home in Peyia to a holiday villa while their own home was being made ready, say that the tooth fairy got lost!

Emma (and we) loved this idea, so we all contributed some coins and Emma put them in an envelope with , ”Redirected from Nanna’s house”, written on it! Sorted!

Except Emma forgot to put this envelope under Charlie”s pillow so he’s still upset and we’ve all got our thinking caps back on……

Don’t worry: when you holiday here in one of our villas in Coral Bay or Peyia, if you lose a tooth, just let us know and we’ll ”appear” with redirected envelope containing a little pressie. Just don’t tell Charlie!

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(Photo below isn’t a tooth fairy – it’s a toothy furry!).

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