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1st October 2019

The Tooth Fairy

Well, I suppose it had to happen!

I’m obviously getting to the age where my body is starting to get older and show it’s age – and my teeth have about had enough! Yesterday, one of my favourite molars, decided to split in half and just hang around in my mouth, right after I’d finished work, the dentist was shut – and before a bank holiday, ie today, so there is no dentist available!

The irony of it is, during a recent holiday, a waiter , whose age was about 46 , kept staring at me and my husband and friends were laughing, saying I’d scored! Wasn’t all it seemed however: he didn’t fancy me – he told me I looked like his mother, only I had my own teeth! If he could see me now LOL!

Still, you’ve got to laugh – or even smile gently without showing too many teeth! Didn’t bother to put the half tooth under my pillow. I found my Tooth Fairy in the form of our friendly pharmacist, who took pity on me and opened so I could get pain killers and antibiotics! Much better than a silver coin or too!

Anyway, while I’m ”filling” in time, why don’t you give yourself something to smile about and book either a winter sunshine or 2020 sunshine filled villa holiday in Peyia or Coral Bay? Email to me on

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