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1st January 2010

The toast queue

Breakfast time in our house is getting crazier and crazier. From the moment Tony and I wake up and start to hold our “board meeting” about today arrivals and departures in the villas, the animals bound into the bedroom and put their paws in.

Charlie dive bombs us and wants to nuzzle my arm before falling asleep on Tonys feet. Jake climbs into bed as soon as Tony gets up to make a cuppa- then tries to stay there when Tony returns with the cuppas! Alfie is good as gold and just sits quietly next to my side of the bed, having his head tickled. Molly, meanwhile, plays her morning “tickle my tummy” game and has a playfight with Charlie………its manic!

Then, trying to go downstairs, there is a rush to get seated near the kitchen bench, where I prepare their breakfasts then, once the dog and cat food (plus tuna all round) is consumed, I have to make toast. For Alfie – who has his medicine on the toast. Then a piece for Jake and Molly to share and now, a piece for Charlie, who, as honorary dog, won’t miss out on anything!

If Tony and I are lucky, there is enough bread left for us to have a piece of toast each with our second cuppa. We’re learning not to put the cuppas down at head height to Jake, coz he’s developed a liking for a mug of tea- or a G n T! He doesn’t seem to be fussed at all.

Off to work and I’m shattered before I get out of the house!

Category: Cyprus Villas News