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1st January 2010

The thinking step…….again

There isn’t another place in the world like our “thinking step” . We live high on the hill above Peyia village and have the most spectacular views of the coastline of Coral Bay to Paphos and back to St Georges and the Akamas Peninsular. Every guest/friend or family member who comes to our home, sits on this step, ignoring the cushioned, more comfortable purpose made seating places for this hard, small, top step of three, special place.

Even the dogs sit there and watch the world, normally with Charlie cat squashed between them. Jakes bum is so wide, that there is little room for anyone else but Molly and Charlie push in whilst Alfie sits one step below. They look hilarious when viewed from behind out towards the sea, where they are silhoutted in the evening or morning light.

Tonight holds the promise of a windy and moody storm: the sea is dark blue and the sky looks full of water and threat. With the sun gently finishing its day and the colours resplendant across the waters and hills, the step is the perfect place to sit, reflect, give thanks – and enjoy an end of day glass of something chilled!

My hearts a bit heavy tonight: two very dear friends are each facing their individual health battles; my mum hasn’t been 100% either and the world feels a little heavy with care. Life will do what it will and god willing, we’ll all live to tell the tale and put the cares behind us another day – and on evenings like this, I can do no more than count my many blessings for all the world affords me – not least, my life here with Tony on this magical island.

We’ve also had the pleasure of welcoming the lovely Mills family back to us a few days ago and I bumped into them earlier whilst shopping in Phillipos “happy supermarket”: people like them make the (very tiring!) work we do, very, very worthwhile…..

Am going to sit a while on the thinking step, if Jake will just budge up a bit (well, a lot: I can almost out size him on space required for seating bottom!), I can say a few silent prayers and send thoughts and love to all we know and love – and whatever tomorrow is going to bring, let it come my way: I’m ready!