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1st January 2010

The Thinking Step

At the front of our home on the hillside, we have what has been affectionately called,”The Thinking Step”. Its actually two steps, leading to the front door – but its on these steps that we, our family, friends, visitors and animals, all sit from time to time, just watching the world go by in Peyia and Coral Bay.

Tony despairs of the amount of use these steps get – we’re surrounded by lovely seating areas; by the pool, under the pergalo, around the breakfast table or the wooden garden bench – but the steps win every time!

There is something lovely about sitting there, surrounded by Alfie,Molly, Charlie, Tiff – and, so from about an hour ago, Jake too! We each just sit, stare and sit a while longer! Perfect!

As I was sitting a few minutes ago, I was thinking about Tony who has gone to the rescue of some villa guests who’ve locked themselves out – and that got me thinking about the summer here and the guests who’ve come and gone. We’ve had some fun! From a family who arrived and shouted at us for not realising they were “obese! We’re obese and need stronger beds!” to the honeymooners who wanted two bedrooms to use……..we did’t ask!

People are so different: its lovely to see them all and watch them as they realise they are actually on holiday now and can begin to relax. Often that relaxation results in brains being switched off! The holidaymakers who are locked out have just found the key in the ladys handbag! The remote control for the aircon, doesn’t actually turn the TV over either, as another villa guest discovered……..its good fun.

We’ve arrivals tonight and I’m really looking forward to meeting them. In my head, I get a picture of how they’ll look: in reality , they are often very different but its interesting to try to imagine how they look, before their arrival.

I’m beginning to daydream now and the dogs are all sat back on the thinking step so its best I go to join them for a while!

Happy Saturday!