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19th September 2017

The Test Drive.

So, today is the day of The Test Drive! Am very excited and just about to leave to undertake this happy activity….

Which car? No, not a vehicle: much more exciting! A NEW BIKINI which has is very lovely birthday present for me from the fabulous Mrs Spence!

Am so excited: this one has reinforced sides, making the , ‘tummies versus knickers championship”, be more in favour of the knickers than my older bikinis currently are AND the top fits!

You’ve no idea the pressure of living here, being ”traditionally built’ and so trying to find swimwear that actually FITS! My new BB (birthday bikini to you), is just F.A.B.!

In fact, I’m not sure I even want to get it wet and stand the chance of the pool water starting to relax the fabric. May simply sit here in my office at home, proudly wearing it and not caring that it’s not politically correct, to work, in a cossie!

If you’d like to test drive swimwear, email to me on and I’ll share winter sunshine offers with you on lovely villas and apartments.

…and NO! I will not be posting a photo of aforementioned test drive. You may not have eaten yet!

Category: Cyprus Villas News