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1st January 2010

The terrible twos!

I seem to be plagued today by the number “two”: Jake is at the “terrible twos” stage in his puppyhood and is behaving like a totally out of control monster, throwing toys around/stealing teddy bears and chewing cushions; Tony is outside with Garry and the two of them are comparing the size of their trucks (! its a man thing!); two cups of cold tea, made for the enthusiastic truck-lovers, are standing on the table next to me; two taxis need to be ordered for two checkouts today – and two arrivals in villas in Coral Bay at 3pm, have to be sorted.

I’ve two rooms to strip and change at home; two tons of ironing (lateral on the “twos” but you get my drift!) and too many other things to consider to be able to relax.

At least I can look forward to two-night, when the two of us join two other friends, (so there are two couples) and head two Arousas in Kathikas – for a drink or two (x two!).

Happy Saturday! Will talk to you again twosday (or probably later!)