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17th January 2016

The tale of The Thinking Step

At the front door of our home, high on the hillside above Peyia Village, we have a ‘step’, upon which everyone sit to tell their troubles, shed their tears, have a giggle – and share wine!

For over 14 years, this faithful step has ‘been strong’ while those sat upon it, weakened and crumbled, giggled and staggered to stand up! Family bottoms, visitors bottoms, guests bottoms, animal bottoms, thin bottoms and ‘generous’ bottoms, have graced the step. All who’ve sat upon it, have alighted feeling better but none of us realised just how much we were putting on the step – till it began to crumble and give way! (Photo below).

Still, it’s being rebuilt, with stronger foundations, better structure and more durable materials and will be ready on Tuesday – but it’s still going have room for us all, which is wonderful!

Luckily, whatever else happens, the view from our hill remains as beautiful and consistent as ever – so I suppose it doesn’t matter where we sit; it matters only that we remember to look up and take in the beauty around us , not get wrapped up in troubles or caught in a broken step!

If you’d like to see the view over Peyia and Coral Bay, (2nd photo below) – and fancy staying in a villa with a clean pool for your sunshine holiday this year, email to us on and we’ll send you all the details – and an update on The Thinking Step!.

photo the thinking step downphoto The Thinking Step