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14th February 2021

The Tale of Angel Kitten.

Bruce, Harry and Scraggy cat are living happily on the hill, staying close to our home and enjoying the comforts of the refurbished pump room and their new beds.

With the exception of Harry’s trips up to his ”real home” for fresh chicken which his Mum person regularly cooks for Harry – and his 22 brothers and sisters! –  this threesome seem content to chill near the house.

Angel Kitten is a different story altogther!

We took him in about 8 months ago when he was in a terrible state. He’d been in a fight and had a horrible open wound on his neck plus looked like he’d never seen food. The cat gang accepted him well and he soon got strong and began to ”prance” about, walking ”like a big cat” and generally making mischief.

Then he disappeared – only to reappear 4 days later, looking shifty , so we think he has a woman! He was welcomed back by the furries and took his place in the food queue so all was well.

Now these disappearances are a regular event: we see him for a couple of days and he  ”fills his boots” with food and cuddles – then off he goes!

I’m trying to stop worrying about him but it’s not easy. He’s obviously his ”own” cat and has a plan of action which he sticks too. Am concerned he may be doing something illegal or immoral and we are his ”hideout” ! Problem is, he’s got the most soulful eyes and gorgeous face so I do think he could get away with murder!

Still, it’s a welcome sound in the mornings, when there are multiple cries coming from the mat at the front door, as the cat gang gather to demand breakfast!

Happy Sunday!