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1st January 2010

The sun has got its tinsel hat on!

What a glorious November day! 30 degrees and clear blue skies – oh, and the Christmas decorations are going up in Paphos. Huge big angels, trumpets, snowflakes and trees everywhere! It will be beautiful but it seems so strange when its so hot.

I remember our first Christmas here, 6 years ago: shopping in the supermarket, listening to “white christmas” blaring out on the tannoy and watching the expats shopping in their shorts and Tshirts. Totally bazaar. Each Christmas day has been warm and lovely – which the dogs love coz they get an extra long play on the beach that day……..

Strangely, not many villas in Coral Bay or Peyia are full in December and its such a lovely time to be here. Still, easier for us: and we’ve got the festive lights all to ourselves.

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly, tra lalalala, lalalala …….”

ps Happy Birthday to Charly, owner of Lily May villa in Peyia and totally good spud!! xx