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12th April 2011

The Studying Step.

The Thinking Step at the front of our villa in Peyia, from where we can sit and watch the world from Paphos to St Georges, has been renamed The Studying Step.

This is because its where I’m sitting most morning and evenings as I try so very hard to “crack” the Greek homework I’ve been given! Today, the sun is bursting through the skies: its 25 degrees at 10am and I’m trying to write an essay about life in Peyia, in Greek.

My regular, “thinking partners”, Jake and Molly, are nowhere to be seen coz there is work to be done. Once I put my books and pen down, they’ll be back to sit and think and watch and be cuddled – but they are both very put out that my attention is on pen and paper rather than ears and “itchy bits” on their respective backs!

Trouble is, the view is so very beautiful, I cannot concentrate. I tell myself, when the suns goes down, I’ll be able to think, write and catch up – but that true. The night time view is equally as beautiful and I’ll simply daydream again in the darkness.

I need a plan and some serious study partners . Will sit and think about this for a while longer……

Category: Cyprus Villas News