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25th April 2020

The Staircase Angel

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like change! I think it may be a Virgo thing- or a woman thing – or a being middle aged and scared thing – or maybe being a middle aged, scared, Virgo , female thing! Whatever the reason, I don’t like it!

Change unsettles me. I’m okay if I know what is going on, when and how , with whom and for how long , so am flexible and open minded, other than that LOL! I drive my husband mad!

Having time to think, is always something that unsettles me coz I think about things that could change/have changed and need to change – and I’m off again! (Note to self – get a grip!).

Anyway, this morning, I annoyed myself over where the position an Angel, which is very precious to me and which is really, a Christmas Angel whose job is to keep company with the pottery Santa Claus I have – but I love this Angel so much, I cannot put her in a box for most of the year.

So, since Christmas and with a little time on my hands, I’ve moved her around to a few different places in our home. At one point, I reckoned that because of the way she was looking, she needed to sit on a shelf in the lounge, looking at us – but this made me look at her more and realise that I wasn’t dusting her enough and that I felt guilty being stared at! So I moved her!

Today, I didn’t like where I’d moved her to because I COULDN’T see her enough and she wasn’t looking over us – so I’ve moved her again.

And again.

And again.

Until she’s now back where she started, sitting in the alcove on the staircase, watching over us as we come and go from our bedroom to the kitchen. She seems happier but that may be because I’ve dusted her!

Actually, I’ve dusted EVERYTHING but that’s got more to do with the fact that Tony is having a ZOOM quiz with friends from Cyprus and UK and I don’t want them telling their wives that this house is dusty!

I wonder if I should move the angel so she can watch over the Zoom.?……

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