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1st January 2010

The spirit of a great family!

Tony and I have just returned from a beautiful funeral service, held in Paphos, for our friend, Alan. Aged 59, Alan died very suddenly last week, leaving behind his adored wife Moira and their two grown up sons ……..

The service was held in St Pauls Church in Paphos, which is a mixed Anglican/Catholic church used by the ex pats. The family had chosen beautiful prayers and readings – and Alans eldest son, delivered a heartfelt and very touching eulogy to his father.

Alan was known to be very light of step and carefree. He and Moira were rare: a long time married couple who were totally and utterly in love with each other; always kissing and cuddling and laughing at each others jokes (though Alans sons would have us believe their father only had 5 jokes to tell – which he told. Regularly).

At the end of the service, as the coffin was to be taken, the final choice of music played and the tears turned to smiles as Alans favourite track burst into the stone church. We left the service accompanied by “Always look on the bright side of life, dada, dadadadadada……”……….wonderful!

Lifes too short but the love shining from Moira and her sons and inlaws, was apparent to all of us. Thats got to be what its all about: ENJOY IT! And here’s to it keeping them all warm during this sad time…….


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