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1st January 2010

The spice (rack) of life!

You honestly wouldn’t have thought that buying a spice rack would be so difficult! Cyprus is totally wonderful – until you need to shop for something specific!

Yesterday, Tony and I had a “tourist” day and took Tonys Mum and Bill to Limassol, where we had a lovely day taking in the sites along the gorgeous new beachside walkway and then shopping a little.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE shopping – with a passion! I cannot stand pottering in and out of shops – in fact, I’d pay someone to do it for me rather than do it. But yesterday, I was on a mission to buy a spice rack for our kitchen.

Could I find one? Course not! Where did I look ? EVERYWHERE! We tried the big stores, the little ones, the DIY stores (don’t ask – you’d be amazed who stocks what here – Phillipos supermarket sells barbed wire!!)………..and at the end of the day, no spice rack!

I’m always telling the guests in villas in Coral Bay, how great the area is for shopping. And it is for linens, jewels, leather and scrummy things to eat – BUT I WANT A SPICE RACK!

Course, now I’m completely obsessed about it: my kitchen doesn’t seem right. The cupboards would be SO much better if the spices were out of them AND I’ve had room for a blender………..(interestingly, I don’t know one spice from another and wouldn’t know how to use a blender but thats just detail!).

Anyway, Saturday is here and I’m going online to find one now…………wish me luck!