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7th October 2017

The song of life

I’ve just been sitting on The Thinking Step , at home, talking to my Mum on the phone. I was telling her about a wonderful book I’ve just read, “”Tuesdays With Morrie””, which should be a MUST on anyone’s list…

Anyway, in the book, Morrie, a very ill old man, was serenaded by the wife of one of his former pupils, who sang to him, “The Very Thought of You””. This chapter was so very beautiful, I’ve re-read it several times.

I digress…telling Mum about this, we both remembered her sitting with my Grandad, at home in Hebburn, on a Sunday afternoon, when they’ve both get a cup of tea, put the Black n White movies on and prepare to cry – but not until they’d sung, “”I’m a little on the lonely, a little on the lonely side””……..oh, how my heart lurched then soared feeling their pain then remembering the love of my Gramps…..

The thing is, we’ve all got a ”song ” in our life haven’t we? Emma, our beautiful office angel was only yesterday, ”loving and listening” to four wonderful guests in a villa in Coral Bay. They’d only just arrived and it was their first holiday each without their partners, who had died within the past 2 years.. Emma listened closely; felt the music in their souls and ”loved” them enough to make them feel safe, welcome and at home.

Okay, so we rent out villas or apartments and book holiday guests in for commission from the owners BUT we also care: enough to listen; learn and dance to the tune of the souls who come across our paths.

Life’s music is everywhere and we each have a story. For Emma and I, we are proud to be a tiny pause in the orchestra of the days of our customers!

Come and ”sing” with us:

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